Friends of Fort Fremont Projects

Beaufort County has initiated plans to develop and improve the Fort Fremont Preserve property as a tourist attraction, picnic area and beach access. The Friends are actively involved in the process and in specific projects to further these proposals. Improvements include signage describing the Fort and local vegetation, safety measures to address dangerous areas of the batteries, and archaeological review of the site. An Interpretive Center and beach picnic pavillion for park visitors are in the works as well. (Click here)

dennis cannady


Master modeler, Dennis Cannady, noted creator of historical 3-D dioramas and replica ships, has created an accurate depiction of the Fort—a miniature, three-dimensional representation of the nineteenth century, Endicott Era support facilities and batteries on Saint Helena Island. The diorama will eventually be housed in the Interpretive Center, but until then it can be seen at its temporary home in the Saint Helena Branch of the Beaufort Public Library. Watch this space for the opening event.

All forty-eight structures in the diorama have been adopted for a sponsorship donation. A plaque will honor the people who contributed to the project.
Click HERE to view the designs and diorama displays.


graffiti gone

As any neglected vertical surface in any part of the world will testify, graffiti is the questionable art of spraying, tagging or defacing walls, often to the detriment of history or other purpose. Fort Fremont has been subjected to its share over the years; none of it pretty or welcome. Members of the Friends and historians at the County researched methods to clean or otherwise remove the vandalism. Their efforts were successful as seen in the photo at left. Click the pic to see before and after.

fort fremont exhibit poster


March 23 through June 30, 2012
Verdier House Exhibit: A Spotlight on Beaufort’s Role during the Spanish-American War

Click HERE to view the exhibit online

verdier house exhibit
Opening event for the Exhibit, March 23, 2012.

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