Fort Fremont Facilities - Upkeep & Preservation

The Friends of Fort Fremont are committed to keeping the Fort and Park as presentable to the public as possible.

We do not intend to reconstruct the batteries or other structures, but we hope to help provide an interesting and relaxing site for locals and visitors alike. The planned Interpretive Center to be constructed by Beaufort County will go a long way to make our efforts a reality. In the meantime, we are repairing what damage we can, covering graffiti, installing signage & brochures, conducting clean-up events, providing tours, and participating in local historic events.

before one before two
after repair
Before and after photos of graffiti repair


archaeologists Phillip and Dawn

The groundbreaking and construction of the Interpretive Center required the SC State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) certify an archaeology review of the site to be covered by the building. Surveys and digging have been completed. The report is available.

dig to be concrete slab top mystery

Read more about the bid process and coming groundbreaking at our Fort Fremont Interpretive Visitors Center page.

Winter Work Day óBRRRR!

Work day at the fort

From our work day at Fort Fremont, January 18, 2014. Thanks to all who came out on this COLD day.... The best thing is we got a lot done, and no one complained about gnats! We will need some more outings like this to get the fort in better shape.
Thanks too to AMI Kids--I told them when they arrived that it was really cold, they could go home. They responded, "NO, we are here to work," and work they did. Thanks to Terry for making the arrangements. Joe Lee, President FFF
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